11 Ways to Make Enemies You don’t Need

We all do silly or dumb things once in a while. It’s natural; after all, we aren’t perfect. But what irks me the most is doing really silly things that earn you enemies you don’t need.

ways to make enemies

Below are various ways people make enemies

1. Arguing:

It is all well and good if you present a case against a thing or an issue. If doing so help you and you partner or friends come to solutions that solve your challenges, great.

Arguing against an issue is not bad in itself so long as it is constructive and produces a solution. But it is fruitless to engage in a baseless and destructive argument: One that is based on who is right rather than what is right.

Arguing to be right only leads to resentments and doesn’t bring any long lasting resolution to an impeding misunderstanding.

It is always better to consider the other person’s point of view in all situations. It is good to be right with a relationship than to be right in an argument. You are unconsciously making an enemy for yourself.

2. Fighting:

I sometimes wonder why grown up men or women fight when they could have easily sit on the disagreement at hand and solve it amicably. Instead, some result in settling the dispute through throwing of punches. That is a primitive way of resolving your differences.

Once you begin to trade blows with a friend, partner or an acquaintance, congratulation you just made a new enemy; who might either beat you up mercilessly or leave to fight you another day (which much result in more damage to yourself). You might end up being anxious, not know when your new found enemy will strike, what a dumb thing to get yourself into.

3. Disrespect:

No matter who a person is, they all have a need to be respected. Everyone carries with him or her some level of pride even the one you might consider a fool. If you go about being rude, insolent and lack respect for others because of their background, orientation, gender, status or structure, you just got someone who would hate you and find ways to hurt you.

Being nice and courteous doesn’t cost a thing. In fact, it actually draws more people to you who will be willing to show you the respect you deserve. Disrespect? Don’t be silly, just behave yourself!

4. Bullying:

Well, well, well! We all had that one guy in high school who we hate so much because he or she made our lives hell. What they didn’t realise was that they had created for themselves enemies for life. Some people don’t take bullying kindly and will plan revenge appropriately at a time you don’t expect.

If you were once a bully or still a bully, it will be time to turn on a new leaf or find a way of appeasing those you bullied because they might come for their pound of flesh. Bully is the most silly way to make yourself a lifelong enemy.

5. Selfish:

Selfish people think they are smart. They only care only for themselves, and their own interest at the expense of others. In the shot-term, they enjoy the gains they’ve made but what they don’t realise is that others will surely find out how selfish they are and the only thing they wait for is their sweet revenge. Remember the saying “No man is an island”.

At the point you need others to hold you, that is when they are going to drop you like a bomb. The only thing you will be left with are these four words “if I had known”.

6. Cheating:

Isn’t it surprising that at the point of cheating your brain seems to make you feel you are the smart person on earth? Well, you are engaging in a vice and the only way to soothe your guilt, is by thinking yourself in a more positive light.

Swindling others or defrauding them due to ignorance might make you are couple of bucks but soon enough, you will be making yourself lots of enemies. And if you are not careful, this habit might betray you and the only place you might end up is in jail or worse being beaten to a pulp. You want to make enemies cheating others, please for heaven sake, don’t do it.

7. Making fun of others:

When you make fun of others, you come out as inconsiderate, lack empathy for your fellow woman or man. Those who are at the receiving end of unsavory remarks might not take kindly to your mockery.

Largely, you will be avoided like a dead carcass because no one wants to be with someone who has no regard for others.

In addition, you might earn yourself some enemies who would be just waiting for the right time to give you a taste of your own medicine.

8. Stealing:

The good old book popular called the Bible says: “ask and it shall be given onto you…” but it seems others are not too pleased with this wise counsel but rather resort to taking from others what they have not worked for. Whether burgling, robing or extortion, they all fall under one big umbrella – stealing.

If you engage in stealing, you become a very big enemy to one particular interesting person: The state, specifically, the police. As soon as you become a recognized and acclaimed thief, this big enemy of yours won’t sleep until you are pinned down for good.

9. Betrayal:

“Et tu, Brute?” translated as “even you,Brutus?” these were the last words of Julius Caesar, the Roman Emperor at the moment of his assassination when he was betrayed by his friend Marcus Brutus. Brutus made enemies for himself not long after Caesar’s death. The supporters of Caesar gathered to avenge the death of their leader. Sensing defeat, Brutus committed suicide.

The moral lesson: if you betray a friend, you betray yourself. And if you are not lucky enough and the friend you betrayed survives the ordeal you put then through, they become a very powerful enemy you don’t want to be close to.

10. Manipulation:

Manipulation in this context means to control or play upon by artful, unfair or insidious means especially to one’s own advantage. We can manipulate people’s emotions to get what we want. An example is deceiving a girl you love her, when you clearly know you don’t, just because you want to have sex with her or take advantage of their love.

When the scale falls of the eyes of those whom you manipulate, and they figure out your true intention, you might lose a good friend or partner for life and inadvertently catch yourself an enemy like a cold.

11. False accusation:

False accusations destroy relationships. Destroying someone with a lie is the dumbest thing you can do with your life. You lose your sense of respect and integrity. A bad reputation is hard to erase, hence if you are caught as a person who doesn’t speak the truth (or accuse others falsely) your life might be ruined forever.

It might take you years to rebuild yourself again and relationship with others. Not everyone is quick to forgive. Others will prefer to be your enemy as it put them on guard on how to treat or deal with you.

In Conclusion

To make enemies is easy if you decided to go ahead to engage in the various points I discussed. As much as you can, be at peace with everyone you can. Learn to be empathetic,helpful and understanding. These qualities win you friends and bring you happiness in this life.

Remember life is too short to be harvesting enemies.