5 Regrettable Lessons Learned too Late in Life

Lessons learned too late in life can seem to throw you into a state of regret. You ask yourself, “Why didn’t I know this all along?”.

I personally have regrets, mistakes I wish I hadn’t made and things I should do (but I didn’t) to give me a more happy and fulfilling life. Thankfully I’ve a chance to make the best out of my circumstance and I hope you reading this have a chance too.

But there are lessons which you need to learn now. Which can’t be learn later when you’re old and frail. Today, I have compiled 5 lessons learned too late in life and can put you in the state of despair and depression

Know Your Destination

train travelling

Our lives will become meaningless if we didn’t have a destination where it leads to. Every one of us has a purpose in this world.

You have to actively seek for the true essence of your existence. This will make you bold and courageous enough to take the risk and overcome all obstacles in your life.

One unique quality about the human species is its ability to be creative and innovative in solving problems once they discover the purpose of their life.
If you have a clear destination, the obstacles in your life become easy to overcome.

Stop complaining

african american student talking in class

Complaining is verbal procrastination. It doesn’t get the job done. It actually prevents you from taking action and you only see the wrongs in situations. Constant complaining can be linked to negative thoughts.

These negative thoughts can be as a result of viewing things worse than they really are. With time, it negatively alters your ability to find hope and believe in the possibility of things, which kills your creativity and innovation.

No matter how bad a situation is, always be thankful and look for the positives in every situation you find yourself. If there is a solution you can offer in resolving a challenge you face, provide it. This action will help you reduce your rate of complaining.

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Don’t sleepwalk through life

lazy walking

Warren buffet once said “look for a job that you will take if you didn’t need a job”. We as humans are fulfilment beings. From the moment you become self-aware of your existence, you begin to enquire within yourself and from your surrounding why you are alive.

Why did you exist in the first place? This pushes you to find something in life for which you can pursue, something that will justify you existence.

It is for this reason you don’t just do anything just because it gives you some bucks. Go out and do something you are passionate about; something that can bring you fulfilment. It’s not that easy when you go in search of who you want to be. It takes time. You might not find it the first time but don’t give up finding it.

Live life without fear

thor is excited

Fear is your worst enemy. It can literally kill you. Fear can sell you nonexistence danger. To be able to kick fear out of your life, you need to confront it daily, that is, doing what you are afraid of.

Is it asking that girl out? Or going out to sell a product you think people won’t be interested in?

Until you make the effort to have daily confrontation with fear and not believing in its lies, you can’t cross to the other side of life where the best things can be found. I challenge you to boldly seek out your fear; fight it until you are the winner.

Enjoying life

man excitedly walking on the street

You are in this world to enjoy what it provides. Hence don’t spend all your life being a slave to labour. Make time to do the things you dream about. The world is a wonderful place and all what it has it’s yours to have.

If you believe you can possess the beauty, richness and sweetness of the world, you can. Don’t live a life of regret. Make every breath you take count.