7 Better Ways to Talk to Your Customers

How do you talk to your customers?

ways to talk to your customers

There is never a second chance to make first impression especially for a business. As a business, how you talk to your customers impact on how they perceive your brand. It is not enough to design great product or service. you have to ensure that you offer them great customer care experience which include the way you communicate with them.

Hence, be mindful of how you talk to your customers. In this article I have illustrated 7 ways to talk to your customers

Good and active listener

I always believe customers are our employers as business persons. Without them our business does not exist. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the customer. You don’t want customers to feel that they are not being listened to.

Get involve with the customer by taking notes of what they are saying, clarify any misunderstanding about a service and rephrase what they say to help you have a better understanding of what their issues are. The goal is to understand the customer’s needs so as to address it and active listening helps you achieve that.

Remain positive

One thing customers don’t want to hear is the word “No”. If a customer makes a request and they can’t get any positive feedback, find a way to address their issue even if partially. If you believe another company can solve their problem, don’t hesitate to connect them to this business, you are building trust with them.

They will believe that you are there for their interest and not only for your profit. They will broadcast what you did to help them, drawing more customers to your business.

Avoid interruption

When a customer makes the effort to communicate or talk to you, make it an opportunity to listen without interrupting them. It can be annoying when a customer is trying to tell you about their problem and you cut in to offer solution without fully understanding the nature of their problem.

Even if you know what their problem is, as an act of courtesy, wait for them to finish whatever they are saying. You make them feel valued and relived that someone had taken of their time to hear their problem.

Maintain eye contact

How would you feel if you are talking to someone and the person looks away? You might feel the person isn’t interested in what you are saying. That is exactly how customers feel if you fail to maintain proper eye contact with them.

Maintaining eye contact with your customers also help you see exactly how they feel: their frustrations, worry and what really matters to them most. It also gives a good impression that you are interest in the needs. Maintaining eye contact forces you to listen attentively to them.

Customers are not your colleague

Since you are likely to use a lot of technical terms or jargon is your everyday interaction with you co-workers, there is always that temptation to communicate in similar fashion with your customers. Customers are not your colleague and most won’t understand what you are communicating to them. Make every effort to breakdown into simple terms and in plain language what service you offer and the solution you are offering them.

This would make it easier for them to choose the right service and solution they need. It would prevent future misunderstanding and problems you could have averted if you made things simple to understand. Another downside would be losing your customers since they may be having difficulty understanding how you intend to solve their problem and would prefer someone who can better communicate their solution to their needs.

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Always update them with current information on your product or service

Everyone wants an improvement of their service or up-to-date information on how well they can utilize a product. As a business, it is your duty to ensure customers are regularly updated about new feature of a service or how they can effectively or efficient use your product.

Smile and be proactive

Having a genuine smile not only make you more approachable but makes customer feel at ease as you will look and sound more confident. In addition to maintaining a smile, be proactive, don’t wait for customers to ask or seek your help. Anticipate their need and swiftly offer to be of help. Another way to be proactive is to read customer’s body language. if there is any sign of distress or confusion, quickly approach them and with a smile, find out how you can be of help to them. Be a carrier of good news and a messenger of solution. Customers are likely to always be in search of you once they need a service you offer.

In conclusion

I believe following the aforementioned ways to talk to your customer will be of tremendous boost to your business. Never forget that communication is key to every successful business.