8 Proven Ways to Make Your Customer Special

How do you make your customer special? This question has been on the mind of many businesses across the world. Why? Because they know that the way you make a customer feel will determines if you will stay in business or not.

In my quest to find answers to this question as a business person, these are some of the solutions I’ve found and implemented. It has helped my business grow and I hope you give it a try.

Welcome them with a warm smile

Customers, like any other person wants to feel welcome when they find themselves in a new place. Because feeling welcome makes you more relax and want to explore whatever opportunity a place might provide. An unwelcoming or hostile environment like a battle field only provide people the opportunity to want to run away as fast as they can.

Your place of business should provide a positive expectation when a customer walks in. Sales reps should make it a point to smile and greet the customers once they make an entrance. Once they feel that positive vibe, they become much more willing to explore what your business has to offer. The key is to make the customer special enough to want to do business with you.

Remember the names

Make it an effort to know your customers name and use their proper title where applicable. For example, it will be inappropriate to address older people with the word “guys”. Some people are very sensitive about their titles. Once you ask them of their name and they accompany them with their title, say Dr. Morrison, make every effort to address them as such.

In addition, old customers name should also be remembered. It won’t be cool to come to your office every week and to be asked of my name anytime I make an entrance, which only goes to prove that I am not that important to you. A good customer representative takes serious note of faces and name of the people they serve.

Anticipate what they might need

Anticipating what a customer might need is being proactive as a business person. For example, once a customer makes a purchase, especially items that might require other complimentary items, you can politely remind them if they will require those items. Say, I bought cocoa powder for breakfast and heading to pay for the item, a customer rep noticing I might need a milk, would gentle ask if I may require milk, if I say yes, it means rep is being thoughtful and if they decline, at least they would know you are looking out for their best interest.


Every business is about making profit. But a business goal should also be about making a social impact. Customers love company that wants to be involved in helping the less fortunate. When a customer make a purchase, ensure to let them know that a percentage of whatever they buy goes into a fund to support a social cause. If possible, encourage them to give a little more to support a worthy cause.

Once donation has been done, send them a thank you message with accompanied pictures of what their funds has been able to do. Not only will this make your customer feel special, they will more willing to do business with you the next time.

Discount for future purchase

We all know who our loyal customers are, and how much they mean to us. Retaining a customer as we all know is cheaper than prospecting a new one. With the fierce competition out there, it will be prudent to offer some relief to your customer in the form of discount. Discount on future purchase means that you care about them; you want to take some burden off their back. These make them also feel noticed. When people feel notice, when they least expect, they feel special and become warm towards you, especially when such notice will bring them some reward.

In addition, you could offer future discount to potential customers who inquire about your product or service. No need to wait for them to make a purchase to provide discount. Once they make an inquiry, provide them a discount when they decide to make a purchase: a great impression for your business. It speaks volume about how you feel about them. Create the perception that your potential customers are special to you and you want to do business with them. Going all out to cut down cost for your customer, make customer feel special.

Resolving issues immediately

As a business person, we desire to provide perfect service or product to our consumers. But at times, things don’t go as planned, and the unfortunate happens. Examples are, malfunctioning software, broken parts of product or just poor customer service experience.

If a customer should draw your attention to such unfortunate incidence, don’t try to rationalize (as it seems to be the least resistance option to take), instead apologize immediately and offer to replace the item. If it’s about poor service, you could provide some compensation in a form of special treat for a restaurant or free bundle for a network provider. An action like this shows the customer how much they mean to you and to what extent you are willing to go to make them happy.

Remembering special occasion

Who doesn’t love receiving special recognition or gift on their birthday, the birth of a new child or on a wedding day? Every customer rep should make it a point to be a bit curious about their customers. It doesn’t mean we should intrude into the private lives.

If you run a retail shops were you sell baby product and the customer is making some purchase, you could kindly inquire if the items are for their personal use, and find out whether the purchaser is an expectant mother or father and how month left. Take a note down and make it a point to offer some small gift during the month in which the baby will arrive. If questioning would seem too intrusive, you can give them a gift coupon which allow them to pick a gift on the said month they’re expecting the baby.

Also if you have information of date of birth of your customers, it will be really nice to send them birthday wishes and a note stating how important they are to your business. Make is a point to make your customer special.

Appreciation for a purchase

Never forget to thank a customer who makes a purchase; to show genuine appreciation for patronizing your business. It should be done immediately after a purchase or an email could be sent showing how much doing business with your company means to the business and offering any assistance if the need be.

It shows you care as a business. And you are not only interest in the money you make from a purchase but also willing to go further to provide great customer experience to them.


I hope this guide help you to make your customer special. Never underestimate their feelings. It is very vital to your business.