Never Give Up on Yourself. Here are 8 Reasons Why

“Never give up on yourself!” You are constantly told. But how true is this statement. Why are you told to never give up on yourself? Is it because we are beings with purpose and ability to change the course of history?

You are born to create and make. That is the power you have. Quitting is not an option and these are the reasons why:

It Is Easy to Find a Reason to Quit

Pursuing your purpose in life takes a lot of courage and effort. You will have to put in many hours of work in other to achieve your dream. This is reason why quitting is so easy.

It takes no effort and because you have already quit at the level of your subconscious mind, you look for a reason to quit. Remember this, if you do what is easy, life will be hard.

Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure… than to rank with those poor spirits who have neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. ~Theodore Roosevelt

Some People Will Be Glad When You Give Up

We all grow up with average friends who enjoy the status quo and aren’t ready to make their lives any better. The moment you try to change your life for the better, they begin to feel very uncomfortable around you because you remind them of their failure and their decision not to be ambitious.

They will love you to be like them instead of better than them. If you give up on your dream you give them a great relief of not having to feel guilty of their own failed life. This is a reason to never give up on yourself. Don’t give them a chance to win. Be the winner by sticking up with your dreams.

You Will Never Know What Will Happen If You Stick It Out

You don’t want to experience a moment in your life when you start asking yourself “what if I didn’t give up?”, “what if I persisted?” The moment you start doing this, it might be too late. It is better to give in your all and lose than to go in half way and quit.

There are many stories of people who almost quit, almost gave up but decided to stick it out one more time, and guess what, thing turns out for the better. They began to experience the success they longed for. Never give yourself a reason to give up. Stay the course.

Consequences on Giving up Is Worse than Going On

Sometimes, you wish you can just stop working on your dreams. It seems tempting to just go home, sit behind your TV and enjoy all those beautiful programmes. Or be on Facebook and YouTube watching those funny videos.

But the consequences of doing all these things can have a negative impact on your life. How are you going to pay all the bills doing nothing productive? How are you going to afford those beautiful and exotic vacations if all you do is sleep?

Take action today! Go out and achieve something no matter how hard and difficult it might be; that is where your victory lies.

When You Give Up On Yourself, You Are Likely To Give Up Again.

The human being is a habit being. If you keep quitting on every venture you undertake, your body begin to accept it as the way to go.

Quitting will become a second nature and anything you decide to take a step in changing your life, your mind will begin to suggest to you to quit because that is all it has ever known. Prevent this from happening to you by sticking to what you are currently doing to bring change in your life.

Once you become a winner for just little things, you surely will become a winner for big things so never give up on yourself.

Anything Worthwhile Takes Sacrifice, Effort and Time

There is no overnight success. Never belief in those fake stories Hollywood tries to sell to you. Any easy success will be lost in no time. They can never stand the test of time.

Every enduring success takes time, effort and a lot of sacrifice. This is a secret every successful person is very much aware of. I will advise you to put in the work and time and I can guarantee you, victory will be yours.

Process Shapes You before It Rewards You

Life is about the journey and not the destination. When you are going through the process of transforming your life for the better, the destination is as important as the journey you are going through.

The process helps build your character and help you build a kind of personality you will be proud of. You become more confident, courageous, empathetic and other great qualities you won’t have possessed if you hadn’t gone through the process.

Character is Key in helping you maintain the success you achieved and the only way to build this character is going through the process of being to the end.

Life Is Fun When You Are in a Hunt for Something Bigger

An average life is boring and can even be suicidal. If your life is going nowhere, it can become meaningless and can push you to a life of depression. When you decided not to give up and pursue your dreams, it can give you a meaning to live.

It creates excitement and thrill which can keep you going. You begin to see life as not only living for yourself but for the greater good of humanity. If you want to experience this feeling, this fun side of life, then never take the door with the sign “I give up”.


Reading up to this point should convince you enough to never give up on yourself. There is more to life than what you see every day around you. Until you make an effort to seek out the true essence of living, there world would seem meaningless.

Create a meaningful and fulfilling life by experiencing life every moment. By doing and creating your own experience, you begin to find purpose and desire to keep living no matter the negatives life throws at you.