5 Creative Ways to Listen to Your Customer’s Needs

Are You Listening to your Customer’s Needs?

You feel hurt when the companies you use their service or product don’t care about you: the customer. It is even more infuriating if you are trying to alert them about a defect in their services or products and they make no attempt to rectify or resolve the challenges. They refuse to listen to you the customer and your needs.

Thankfully, you are a business person today or trying to make an entry into the business or entrepreneur world. If you want to make your business great and be loved by your customers or clients, these are the 5 ways to creatively listen to your customers and their various pressing needs:

Email and Web Contact Forms

If you want to be able to effectively listen to your customers, you would want to make it easy for your customers to reach you and tell you what is wrong with your service, as well as, how much they love your product. You should make it a point to dedicate a section of your website to accept feedbacks from your customers; you should be a little creative about this area and allow your personality and sincerity to reflect how much you really want to hear from them. Labelling it “feedback” or “contact us” seems too boring. Go with action words like: “tell us what you think”, “I’m glad to hear your complains”, “express your feeling”. This should make it inviting or appealing for customers to click and say something.

Furthermore, if you already have their emails after a purchase, be proactive by sending them a message to try and find out if the product is doing as they expect it to. And if they believe there could be an improvement of your service.

Don’t Forget the Sales Team

In every business, the salespersons are the closest to your customers: interacting with them on daily bases. They are the one you should be giving your listening ears. They are the ones who hear the great, good, bad and ugly about your business. Take it as an opportunity to gather information from them about your customers and how they perceive your company’s brand.

Have regular meeting with them and make it easy for the sales team to inform you on what is happening in the market. This helps you know how to build your product or restructure your existing product or services to meet your customers’ needs. You should also equip them with the skill of information or data gathering during their interactions with your client. Sale persons are one of the core assets of every serious business; they are the ones actually keeping you in business. Why not make then your best friends?

Customers Review/ Feedback

Feedback or review for your product has become easier due to the easy access to internet. In time past, there were limited channels where dissatisfied customers could express their misgivings about a product.

Today, customers could log on to site such as Yelp, Facebook, Yahoo local or even your website to give feedback about your service or product. It is important as a business to take these reviews or comments about your product seriously, as it give you the opportunity to know what customers love about your product or service and even about how they use product or service you offer.

In addition, if you have positive comments about your product, take the time to show appreciation and find ways to reward customers; this will encourage them to share their positive experiences with others.

But if there are bad reviews, you need to respond and provide solutions to resolve whatever the customer challenges are. These would make others have some confidence in the kind of business you run. The benefit also would be to stop bad publicity about your product before it gets out of hand and product than from appearing on other platform.

Social Media

Social media has made it easy to gather information on what people are saying about your business. And in addition, helps you build mutual relationship. They also afford you that opportunity to know what they are excited about and what is making them unhappy; helping you manage these problems. For instance, Facebook would alert you about mentions or if your business has been tagged. Also, twitter account would be great for your business as you would be able to ask users questions on the various ways they use your product: The “@” feature enables you to track individuals or groups talking about your business. There are other social media platforms that can help you to efficiently know what is being said about you.

Social media provide genuine feedback about your business as people are more likely to be open about how they feel about your product or service; a great way to know how your business means to others.

Survey/ Poll Taking

It might seem old fashion, but one true way of listening to your customers is Survey. It is an effective tool to know what customers are saying. They might not seem to be very engaging but they provide you with valuable information for your business. The truth is, most people are not fun of taking polls, therefore, it’s a good idea to offer some form of compensation or incentive like a coupon to encourage your customers to participate in the polls.

Ensure that the questions that are being asked are actually helping you have deep insight about your service or product. Make sure it’s answering two key concerns: Your strength as a business and your weakness.

In addition, use your product to know which demography is purchasing your products: they help you to know how to structure and communicate your product. Survey has always been a go-to method to gather information and know how customers feel about your service or product.

In conclusion, never take your customers for granted no matter who they are. Some businesses only respond if the complaint is from a celebrity or person of influence. This is absolutely wrong. You owe each and every one irrespective of the social status the best of your service or product; Show them you care and value them.