5 Ways to Effectively Sell to Your Customers

If you cannot sell to your customers as a company, you will be out of business very soon. Unfortunately, the old ways of attracting customers to buy your products are fading out and giving way to more innovative ways of getting customers to buy from you. Competition is high – thanks to capitalism- and as a business person myself, I have tried various method to effectively sell to potential customers. Some failed whiles other proved very profitable.

Today, I present to you my 5 ways to effectively sell to your customers:

1. Plan and prepare a well-written and concise product or service description

The way you describe a product or service you intend to sell can make a big difference in whether you are going to be making profit or not. There are key ingredients that a product description must contain in order for shoppers to take action and buy from you. In order to put down a well written description, consider who you target customers would be, what precisely would the product do for them and in what environment is the product allowed to be used.

Also be clear about the price of the product and make sure you provide extra benefit that would attract them to want to buy your product. The caution is never to lie to your potential customers. They may buy because of your false claims but you would lose them from buying other subsequent service you may offer.

2. Make additional offer to the original product you trying to sell

If you are starting off in your new business, it is quite difficult to get potential customers to buy from you, especially when there is a well-known competitor offering the same product or services.

One key approach to help win customers to you is the use of the gift approach. This can be a gift voucher for purchasing the product, a discount for buying some quantity of your product or adding other useful product that wasn’t part of the initial product on display or for purchase. This various techniques can persuade customers to want to try your product and in the process building wonderful relationship that would make them want to buy from you again.

You did be surprise to know that, quite often, the additional incentive attached to your product is what might actually persuade the customer to buy from you. A lot of salespersons overlook this type of selling but it’s proven to be one of the best ways to attract people to a new product- a way to effectively sell.

3. Tell a compelling story about your product

Stories are powerful tools that can help you effectively sell and connect to potential buyers. How did you discover the idea for this product? What inspired you into going into this line of business? Was it a personal tragedy, an epiphany or something wonderful that took place in your life?

The story should be concise and compelling in such a way as to awe, intrigue and create curiosity in your buyer.

Once the narration becomes part of the product, your customers would retell the story to their friends, family and neighbours when showing the product they bought from you. In other words, they become your advertisers, selling your items for you.

4. Use pictures that attract as well as instruct buyers on the effect way to use your product

As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. This is the more reason why many companies or businesses spend thousands of dollars on various forms of visual advertisement: billboard, commercials, leaflet and labeling to effectively sell their product or services.

As new and young business, you might be short on cash to spend money on expensive advertisement but it doesn’t mean you can do something with your little cash. Find a good and professional photographer who will take an excellent picture of your product. Once the images are good and attractive, it can draw a lot of customers to you as the picture can create a seductively alluring effect in the way that would translate into buy from people who might see it.

In addition, use a pictorial description and instruction on how your product is meant to be used. Make sure the images are simple illustrations which clearly show a step-by-step guide on how your product or service is expected to be used.

Customers don’t want to have a difficult job trying to decipher how a product needs to be used. Once they begin to feel that way, they are not likely to share positive experience (low rating) they had with your product with others.

5. Create the concept of money saving

Most people are hard on cash. They are finding ways to save money. The fear of losing money or excitement of saving some bucks can have an influence on what product a customer would prefer to purchase.

One of the ways to introduce your product would be telling the customer upfront, how much they will be saving buying your product from you instead of your competitor. In exhibiting your product in your physical or online store, display a percentage on how much they did be saving by buying from you. In addition, create a sense of urgency, as this would make them want to take immediate action to buy your product. This techniques are used by top brand to effectively sell to their customers or clients.

An example: “why buy from my competitor when you could buy quality product from me and save $10 on each piece you buy? Orders are going fast and don’t miss this life time opportunity.” This method has shown to work effectively and create such huge response to new products that are introduced into the market.

These are my 5 ways to effectively sell to your customers. I believe there other ways businesses are effectively selling, if you know any, kindly share in the comment section.

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